For a Manasquan High School Athlete of Any Sport!!!

This past Friday we celebrated Vic Kubu Day by having the students and teachers in both the High School and Elementary School wear T-Shirt’s in remembrance of a man that touched the lives of thousands both on and off the gridiron.  His legacy has been building over the nearly 40 years of coaching young boys and turning them into fine young men.  
Many are familiar with his work on the football field.  His programs were grounded in the belief that no one would outwork a Vic Kubu team, and that belief manifested itself in the many championships won by Coach throughout his career.
Yet, trophies, awards, and accolades were never a priority in Coach’s game plan – whether he was walking the field beneath his visor, or sitting behind his desk in the athletic director’s office.  The mementos left in his office were a testament to his dedication to his teams.  Rather than trophies and plaques, the only things that Coach hung in his office were the senior portraits of his players, because the memory of who they were and the thrill of who they had become was more important to him.  And whether you were in those pictures, in uniform, or simply in need, Coach was always there for you.
Warrior fans have watched and listened as he combined his passion and profession, transforming boys into men in an almost ceremonial process every autumn.  But Coach’s dream would reach far beyond the field that now bears his name.  It would reach beyond the boundaries of the locker room, the school, and the town itself.  His dream was to make a difference in the lives of athletes long after they left the halls of Manasquan.  
Coach wasn’t the first to stand in the Long Blue Line, but he has given it a new found sense of pride, direction, and focus.  By establishing the Long Blue Line Scholarship, he has provided student-athletes with hope, and has given the members of Warrior Nation a sense of purpose; a mission, to take care of our own; a duty to work together as a team for the things that are important.  He has given us the opportunity to continue making a difference in the lives of those who value the Blue and the Gray.  In a sense, he has given us his dream, and it is our duty, it is our calling to keep that dream alive.
In the family conception of team we preach to our athletes that tradition doesn’t graduate, that the brothers and sisters with whom you compete with will never be far from your side.  We teach our young Warriors in sports that if the going gets tough, your teammates will be there to pull together, pick you up, and lighten the load.  Coach Kubu inspired us to not just preach those concepts, but to live them.
Friday, we honored and celebrated the memory of Coach Vic Kubu.
Friday we all bled BLUE.
Friday, and every day hereafter, as members of the Long Blue Line, it’s our time to pursue Coach Kubu’s dream.
Thanks To All That Participated! The support was outstanding!
The Long Blue Line Committee and the Manasquan Administration.
Coach Price's Letter To The Editor
The Vic Kubu Long Blue Line Scholarship
 The Long Blue Line scholarship originated in 2002. My father was celebrating his 60th birthday and in lieu of gifts, the long blue line scholarship fund was born. Since its inception we have given out $184,000 in scholarships. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we would like to remember and thank the countless people who have assisted us in this prolific journey. We have 4 events every year, our Winter Cocktail Party, The Spring Cocktail Party, The Annual Fluke Tournament and The Billy Lawlor Summer Event. We appreciate The Beach House, The Parker House, The Norma K, Farrells Steak and Stout and The Manasquan Elks for their hospitality and for providing us with their wonderful establishments to welcome all the members of the Long Blue Line. A sincere thank you to the countless supporters and friends who purchase our super 50/50 ticket, buy our clothing and Tervis Tumblers, those who send yearly donations, and all of the people who come to every event to show their support. We would like to recognize the following organizations for their generosity: Manasquan High School Class of 1960, 1961, and 1981, Summit Associates, L& Woods and Water, Brielle Bagel, The Manasquan Football Club, Herrmann Lettering, B& Trophy, The Billy Lawlor Band, Hatteras Press, Investment Advisors Wealth Management, and For Pete?s Sake Run, We have a few members of the Long Blue Line that have passed away and I cannot thank the families of these individuals enough for remembering The Long Blue Line through memorial donations. My father would be proud of everyone associated with the Long Blue Line. Your constant support helps us to keep my father's legacy alive and his dream burning bright blue! 

Wendy Kubu Callahan 
The Long Blue Line Committee  
Committee's Letter to the Editor - Coast Star