Be a part of a tradition that will keep the Long Blue Line of Manasquan Growing!!
Our Goals

Family.  Team.  Tradition

This is what a Manasquan athlete is offered the day he or she puts on a Blue Jersey...but victory is never guaranteed,  only achieved.

Effort.  Teamwork.  Commitment.

These are the virtues that have helped our athletes achieve their victories.  As members of the Long Blue Line we have graduated from the fields of friendly strife, and have learned to apply these lessons to achieve successes in life.  We have seen our teammates continue to be team players in industry, business, medicine, and law.  They have gone on to serve our communities, state , and country in politics, education, and the military.  Members of the Long Blue Line were, are, and always will be among the best of the best.  Financing a college education, however, has never been more difficult then it is now.  The rising cost of tuition is one of the toughest opponents our athletes will face, and there ought to be something we can do to make things a little easier for both them, and their families.  So to that end, we will continue to do what needs to be done.  We will give what we can.  And we will do what is hard, so that together we will succeed.

We are The Long Blue Line, and this is our goal.
The Vic Kubu Long Blue Line Scholarship
For a Manasquan High School Athlete of Any Sport!!!